Immprovements on ‘Million’ march for new Brexit referendum

The news story referring tomarch for new Brexit referendum

I am analysing a Daily Telegraph story about Brexit referendum.


The headline of the news is brief and concise which will attract the audience’ attention and allow them to get the story quickly, but there is no image for the long text to break down apart from one blurred picture at the start of the story. So I suggest it add one more picture of the ‘March’ and a picture of the interviewee Gareth Rae and Phoebe Poole. Images will be a good window to show protesters’ feelings.


As for the content, it has a quick review of the history of anti-Brexit march and mentions people’s different opinions on Brexit, but it fails to describe the scene of the “March” and people’s feelings on it.


Also, the story has no links to relevant stories about Brexit for the audience to understand the background of it. So I suggest it link to stories such as “Labour prepared to back new Brexit referendum” and “EU agrees to Brexit extension as petition to revoke article 50 exceeds one million signatures”  for the audience to get to know the story and rather than just link to MOST VIEWED stories which are irrelevant and do not open a new page for readers so that they are not likely to go back to the original story.

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  1. This is a breaking news agency story from Reuters, posted on a Sunday, which is why it has only one image, no links and no reporter biographies. I agree Xiaoran that links to previous stories e.g. about the Brexit extension petition would be useful for readers, and that more images of the march would also attract increased views.

    To improve your online delivery, you need to add alt text to your feature image for accessibility, and your feature image caption must include copyright details for the image. Also assignment 1 is a category tag not a keyword tag, as ordinary users would not Google this content using that phrase. For this next assignment post don’t forget to:
    – Keep link phrases to 2-3 keywords
    – Make links open in new tabs
    – Use your precede (subheading field below post) to promote your post, rather than saying what is already in the category tag.
    Also please make sure you fill in your blog profile biographical details and upload an image of yourself to elicit trust from your readers.

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