Chinese international students: Go back home or stay? Life behind Australia’s immigration policy

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Depends on the PR (Permanent Resident) 189 or 190 Visa passing scores get higher in 2019 as it increases to 85. More international students, especially Chinese students who studying immigration major in Australia, prepare to turn back home for job hunting. According to the China Ministry of Education, the number of Chinese students going back is increasing. Although this result needs a further investigation of the research method to identify the credibility, the life changes of international students due to the immigration policy could be a story that worth telling. As immigration is one of the core issues during the federal election and it changes in 2019, people need to acknowledge the influences of the policy.

the graph from China Ministry of Education, 8 of 10 China oversea student turn home in 2017
(China Ministry of Education, 2017)

This story aims to show the life changes of Chinese students influenced by the immigration policies in Australia. It will not report in a macro view of the trend of Chinese students abroad turning home increasingly. This is a story of a student’s life in Australia who is going to graduate from the university, facing the career choice of staying or leaving in Australia. This will be a story start from the personal angle to show international student’s last university life and the issues that the current immigration and PR visa policy cause. There will also include information about the immigration-related business in Australia that appears from the current policy.

Target Publication and Target User Group

The target publication of this story is the HuffPost which is a digital-born website allows citizen journalists to post their news stories online. It also has high interactivity that builds a close relationship between writers and audiences through commentary function. At the same time, this publication allows reporters to use multimedia includes hypertext, video, audio and pictures to expand the content of the story. This meets the demand of my online news story.

As for the target user group, this story is basically for international students and Australian immigrants. It aims to let more international university students understand the policy and issues they will encounter when they graduate. Immigrants could figure out immigration policy changes by comparing the previous one they experiences and the 2019 version. In addition, Australian citizen could understand some influences the current immigration policy brings to the country.


This is a feature story in a storytelling style about a Chinese student one day life at Sydney University studying Commerce. It includes details of seeking jobs and inserts information about the current Australian immigration policy. It will also cover the related business generated in response to immigration policies. Through the student personal perspective, readers could have high acceptance of the content. In addition, the content has multimedia includes hypertext links of related immigration website, pictures of the PR Visa apply standards and the student job hunting plan, and audio of the interview.

Interview preparation

The interview to the target interviewee will include the basic information, normal school life and the future plan for job seeking. There are several students at Sydney University who study as an accountant and struggling with the PR Visa. The content about immigration will cover the perspectives of the preparation for the PR Visa and immigration, difficulties he or she is facing during the applying progress, and the changes of the plan after graduation from he or she start the university to the graduate year. It will also include various interviews from other one or two students about their future career plans and opinions about the new immigration policy. If it is possible to interview the consultant of an immigration company for the current situation of Chinese overseas students and their business about immigration, it would provide more background information.


Here are some sources that may use:

Upcoming Immigration Changes in 2019

Visa apply information




Immigration company list:

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  1. This topic is definitely attractive and meaningful, it is the truth that lots of Chinese students want to stay here, and this news will attract many readers, I will be one of them. But I think it will be better if you add some questions about why they would like to stay in Australia when you do the Interview, which can help people directly and clearly understand their thinking. At the same time, what about the attitudes of Australian residents? What’s the impact on Australian society, economy, and people’s daily life or job opportunities with more and more new migrants? Maybe do some researches about these question will make the story more integrated, I can’t wait for reading the final article that will be an interesting and useful news story.

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