Immigration Reform: Win-win Situation or Cold Winter Comes?

the news commentary about new immigration policy

Australia immigrants: difficult or easy?
Australia immigrants: difficult or easy?

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To satisfy the need for continued high Australia’s elites population growth, the Coalition government has been committed to continually revising the skilled immigration program. We can know from the data released by the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs that from 2016 to 2017, the number of permanent entry migration program is around 205,000, but for the year of 2019-2020, the total upper limits are about 160,000.

migration program planning levels
migration program planning levels

Not only will the number of immigrants drop dramatically over the next year, the new skilled work regional visa and the changed to the points test are all become challenges for every individual applicant and immigration agency. So, this news commentary will focus on new policies’ impacts on individuals and immigration businesses, and how can these agencies react to what happens.



Although immigration policies are being tighter and it seems that overseas educated students/employees are ready for return, immigration agencies are driven to use the excuses of regional nomination or sponsorship, achieve competent English extra points and other ways to capture and stabilize the changing customer market.


Publication and target user group:

The publication would be the Guardian’s Australian immigration and asylum section. As an influential newsbrand, the Guardian can update the latest news about immigration and commentators analyze new population policy comprehensively.


Therefore, the Guardian is ideally suited to the target user group including different visa holders who want to emigrate to Australia, over 80,000 people waiting for their permanent residency and immigration agencies.

the screenshoot of the guardian
the screenshot of the guardian


Sources of information

The data of migration program is produced by the Australian Government Department of Home affairs because it is the official data accurately represent the state of new immigration policies. And there are some related websites such as Acacia immigration Australia and migration institution of Australia which can provide detailed and accurate information about the migration public resources.


Ideas of multimedia & hypertext

As immigration and policy involve specific population data and listless policy explanations, I will add various kinds of chart information in this news commentary to make the data more vivid and easy to understand.

2017-18 annual migration report
2017-18 annual migration report

Since it is crucially significant for the audience to judge the correctness of data and the timeliness of new policy, there will have a policy timeline in the commentary.

Since some immigration policies involve professional content interpretation, so I will link the expert’s interpretation video, and target audience can understand the elusive parts in an accessible way.



Interviewee one: Arnold Conyer


migration insitute of Au
migration institute of Australia

Interviewee two: Ryan Wang

Occupation: Executive Advisor of AuSuccess Migration Agency


The two interviewees are from the different grounds of migration industry and I would like to choose the Australian researcher and Chinese consultants. With different cultural backgrounds, they can give the audience some fresh perspectives about immigration new policies.

The interview topics are around the changes of new migration systems, the future indications on the migrant’s market, its effect upon society and so on.


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