Is Facebook the root of all evil by Australia?

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This article analyzes a news from BuzzFeed, the main content is aimed at the March 15th racial extremism shooting, Facebook’s lagging regulatory review led to a large number of extremism and hate speech spread. And the government required Facebook to explain the issues why the murderer can broadcast this bad behavior directly on the platform.

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Story angle


1. Criticized Facebook’s behavior from the perspective of the government.

2. Expressed the control over the event from the perspective of Facebook.

3. The legal issue of Facebook from the perspective of judicial administrators.



In the report of this news, there are the following suggestions for improvement.

First of all, although BuzzFeed has made great progress in serious news and in-depth reports, most of the content is still to satisfy the user’s desire to share. In this news, we can see the keywords in the setting of BuzzFeed in the title used to motivate users to share, such as Australia, Facebook, Government and Crime, are also used to link social media links to induce readers to share.Therefore, in the title, it should pay attention to the objectivity of expression. Can Australia here represent the views of all the people? Although the news media has its own commercial attributes since its establishment, the news media can play its educational function and public opinion. Social functions such as functions are particularly important.

Secondly, in the process of news presentation, it is necessary to pay attention to the continuity of news reports. The audience of news obviously needs to know the information related to social media and webcast, but there is no supplementary explanation in this news, for example, in order to improve the efficiency of the review, Facebook has recruited more than 3,000 auditors and AI intelligence software to help upload content review.This live killing event does not know how to identify it through the AI system (Facebook’s external data display recognition rate is as high as 99.6%), and how to bypass the review of the 3,000 auditors? These contents can help readers to pay more attention to this. Live review questions.

Thirdly, with the development of the internet era, in the process of resource sharing and information exchange, visual symbols will become the mainstream. Compared with the expression of pure text, this news can be inserted into online video to convey news information in the form of online news video. A series of news pictures and news videos produced by this news can be abstracted into many visual symbols. In the contemporary era when culture is inseparable, the social significance that can be conveyed will arouse more attention and reflection of the audience.



1. Professor, university of Queensland

In order to supplement the academic viewpoint of this news, this article will interview professors of relevant researches in the academic area.

Interview Question


1.Is Facebook breaking the law in this news?

2. Can AI technology help Facebook filter online violence?

3. How should social media protect the rights of victims?


2. Facebook users.


The interviewee is a witness who witnessed the violence on Facebook, so the interview with him can help understand how users think about the crisis of Facebook.

Interview Question


1.What was your first reaction when you saw the incident on Facebook?

2. Do you think Facebook should take the primary responsibility?




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