New Parent Visa in Australia:Helping immigrant families to reunite or not?

A new temporary Sponsored Parent visa available from 17th April 2019

Children and Grandparents
(Children’s happy time with their grandparents. Source: Commons licensed image, photo by Maggie Zhao, Pexels)

Story topic, Genre and Angle

Australia is a country with a high level of immigration. According to the Australia Demographic Statistics 2018 form the Australia Bureau of Statistics, although the number of net overseas migration increase for the year ended 30 September 2018 was lower than that for the year ended 30 September 2017, net overseas migration still occupied 61% of the total population growth in Australia.

Australian Demographic Statistics, September quarter 2018.
(Screenshot of Australian Demographic Statistics*Retrieved from Australia Bureau of Statistics)

On the 5th of March 2019, the government delivered an announcement that it will fulfil the commitment to implement a new temporary Sponsored Parent visa. This visa is aimed to support migrant families’ reunion. Currently, Australia has different types of parent visa with different conditions which can allow the parents to come and stay in Australia. The new visa is the Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa (Subclass 870). The applicant can apply to become an approved Parent Sponsor from 17th April 2019 and apply for the visa from 1st July 2019. Although the Immigration Minister David Coleman told the SBS News that the new visa would help thousands of Australian families, some migrants tend to hold negative attitudes towards this visa. The Australia reported that the Leader of the Opposition had launched an attack on the Coalition’s policy on family reunion visas in an ad targeting Chinese-Australian voters on WeChat platform.

Image posted on the Scott Morrison official WeChat account
(Image posted on the Scott Morrison official WeChat account to show that he knew the importance of family reunion*Retrieved from WeChat platform)

I am going to write a news feature. I will develop the feature article from the angle of the people who are most closely affected by the new parent visa. Research and investigation could be developed on the government previous commitment on parent visa, the conditions and requirements for applying this visa, what makes this new parent visa different from others, immigrants’ attitudes towards the government new parent visa and the demands of immigrants and their parents for reunion. I think this news feature is able to reflect the news values of timeliness, currency, conflict, relevance and impact.

Publication and Target user group

The chosen publication could be the ABC News. ABC News is a mainstream national news service in Australia. ABC News is one of the top three popular news websites in Australia with more than 5 million visitors in an average four weeks. The ABC’s Investing in Audiences reported in 2018 that 78% of people agreed that the ABC showed the cultural diversity in the Australia community. The target audience for my news feature may be the immigrants in Australia and Australia-born citizens who care about immigration or policy issues.

Sources of information

Documentary and online

I will find credible sources from the Australia Visa Bureau, Department of Home Affairs or other relevant report or investigation. Online sources from social media or online news websites which contains related and useful information can be used as embedded links.


I am going to interview the immigrants in Australia, asking their attitudes towards the government new parent visa and their demand for reunion with parents. I also may interview the elder parents who are unable to continuously meet with their children and grandchildren in Australia. I will ask my interviewees’ permission for images, videos or audios using.

I also want to interview the Associate Professor Anna Boucher who is a global migration expert in the Department of Government and International Relations. Also, I will ask the permission for visuals using.

the Associate Professor Anna Boucher
(Screenshot of the Associate Professor Anna Boucher’s information)




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  1. I think the topic of this article is very good, which enables me to think about the impact of current policy changes on families in combination with the topic of immigration. And the framework and layout are very clear. However, if further discussion is carried out, it is necessary to study the concept definition and research dimension division of immigrant social integration, and define social integration as the social behavior process in which the subject of immigrants actively interacts with individuals and groups in specific communities in the place of immigration in a reflective and continuous manner. At the same time, the specific research content can be divided into four dimensions of economic, political, social and cultural life conditions by referring to relevant international migration theories.

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