How do Chinese students view immigration issues?


As a hot global immigrant country, Australia’s immigration problem has always been a concern. With the increase in the immigrant population in Australia, social problems and contradictions have gradually emerged. In the case of the New Zealand shootings that occurred in the previous period, the Australian government also believed that too many immigrants should be responsible for this.

According to the data, Indian and Chinese immigrants have entered the two largest countries in Australia. Therefore, the news topic I chose is about the pros and cons of Chinese students immigrating to Australia. There are many ways to stay in Australia. Investment immigration and immigration are the two most common methods. Because I am at the University of Sydney, I think that international students who want to stay in Australia after graduation studies are of great value to immigration. Therefore, I will interview the three major groups of Chinese students who are preparing for immigration, Australians and Chinese who have already immigrated to analyze the issue of immigration in Australia.



Angel & Genre

The proportion of immigrants’ intentions of Chinese students and the perception of a large number of immigrants from Australia to Australia are the perspective of this news. I chose News Feature as my genre for this news, because the heat of immigration and the Chinese people’s enthusiasm for immigration are long-lasting social problems, so it is more appropriate to make a News Feature.


I will choose “The Australian” as my online publication. “The Australian” is for Australia and is the most distributed national newspaper in Australia, reported in every state and region. The Australian is more suitable because of the wider coverage and immigration issues that are of national concern.

Target Audience

My target audience is roughly divided into three categories:

The first is Chinese students. As an immigrant-oriented group, this special news session provides a lot of relevant information, such as policies and the impact of current politics on immigration. Second, it is the Chinese who have already immigrated. Finally, Australians have an impact on their lives for too many outsiders, such as employment and housing.


1: Immigrant students at the University of Sydney: for example, MPA students at the University of Sydney (Master of Professional Accounting)

Interview question: Is there an immigration tendency/I think Australia attracts you to stay / How to deal with the distance between parents after immigration / Immigration pressure is not big


2: Chinese who have already immigrated: can interview Chinese people who have immigrated to Australia and have stable work and living environment.

Interview questions: post-immigration treatment/differences in the country/whether regrets immigration


3: Local residents of Australia: Excessive foreign population will lead to excessive competition in the workplace and excessive living pressure, which will undoubtedly affect the lives of local residents.

Interview question: Does the foreign population have an impact on your life? Do you think the Australian government needs to improve the immigration policy?


Materials & Media

Existing research materials

2017-2018 Australia immagration statistics

Australian Demographic Statistics, Sep 2018

Australian Immigration News


Multimedia selection:

Since it was a multi-person interview, I chose the street interview mode, and the video can be recorded at the bottom of the news. At the same time, a voting interface can be set up on the news page. The audience can vote on the immigration issue according to their own understanding. For example, the government should tighten the immigration policy or open house immigration policy / whether the foreign population should enjoy the same resident rights.

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