Australia expected to accept 10 million foreign tourists in 2019: Chinese tourists still occupy the main market

Chinese tourist queue in front of luxury store, Chinese tourists spent $11.5 billion in Australia last year, according to Tourism Research Australia. Reuters: Bobby Yip

Story Angles & Genre

This story is a News Feature talking about the Australian tourism industry, which mainly focuses on the current development of tourism in Australia, the economic and impact on Australian society, the impact of Australian people’s life, and the Chinese tourists’ attitudes and thinking of traveling to Australia.

News Value & Subject

According to the data published by Tourism Research Australian 2018, the tourism industry is rapidly developing in recent years in Australia, with the total number of international tourists reaching 8.5 million which increased 5 percent, and the total cost is $43.9 billion which increased 7 percent. (International Visitor Survey) According to the table, it is clearly showed that Chinese tourists always stands first in terms of quantity and cost ranking. Tourism is Australia’s national priority strategy, “The Australian Government plans to increase the accommodation spending of the tourism industry to $115 billion in 2020 which is only $70 billion in 2009.” ( It can be seen that Australia is currently energetically in developing tourism.

At the same time, tourism has always been the advantage of Australia. According to the report, “In 2017, the international tourism revenue reached 41.7 billion US dollar, which rises from the ninth in 2016 to the seventh in the world. The annual international tourism revenue growth exceeded 9 percent. In 2017, the total cost of international travel of Chinese tourists was about $257.7 billion, ranking first in the world and the as twice as the second place. ” (Teng Fang, 2018) Therefore, the Australian Government needs to attract more Chinese tourists and mainly expand the Chinese market if they would like to rapidly develop the tourism industry. The news feature will firstly introduce the current development of the tourism industry in Australia, what are the impacts, and the direction in the future.

Total trip spend of international visitors in Australia, picture from
Number of International visitors in Australia, picture from

Target Audience

The target Audience of the news feature includes Australian residents and Chinese tourists. As the development of the tourism industry in Australia, it not only affects the Australian economy, such as the catering and service industries, but also generate more job opportunities. At the same time, what’s the reason of Australia has continued to attract Chinese tourists in recent years, why they are interested in Australia, and what are the advantaged of traveling in Australia which Chinese tourists will be interested in.


There will be two Interviewees in the news feature, the first is Keita, a travel consultant of an Australian travel agency. And the second is a Chinese tourist randomly interviewed in Sydney. Keita has been working in the travel agency for 5 years, he realized the current Australian tourism industry with Chinese, knew their preferences. Interviewing a Chinese tourist can directly understand his/her thinking about why he/she choose to travel to Australia, what’s the attraction.

Source and Information

The information comes from the latest data and information provided by Tourism Research Australia, some of them provided by ABC News.


In the news will include lots of data of the Australian tourism industry, which will prove the development of the Australian travel industry and why the Australian government should focus on the Chinese market. It will also contain some pictures or video to show Chinese tourists in Australia including some data to prove why Australia is vigorously developing tourism, and the impact on the Australian economy and society.


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  1. This is an excellent work with interesting topic, well-researched background and ready interviewees. Currently, we can see the booming Australian tourism industry. On the one hand, there are many tourists contributing to local economy by shopping luxury brands. But the Australian citizens have begun to feel the worry of insufficient daily supplies because of tourists’ purchase. It is a timely news and news worthiness. However, the angles of news can be narrowed down to more specific aspects and more relevant to each other. What’s more, the descriptions of publication is lacking and the target audiences should be analyzed based on particular publication. In addition, it will be better, if the writer paraphrase quotations in News Value part.

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