People in South Korea react to ‘Parasite’ Oscar awards.

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The chosen news story is the Oscar Awards of the film “Parasite”, which has a symbolic meaning for South Korean film industry. The ABC News has reported this news at the first time (10 February), titling “Elated South Korean moviegoers celebrate Parasite Oscar victory”. The reportage takes an objective perspective to present how people in South Korea react to this Oscar news. The news report introduces the background of Parasite in the beginning, citing Boon (the director) to demonstrate the importance of this film in South Korean film industry. Then, the report interviewed a pop-culture expert, a college student, a film and theatre professor, showing people’s voices about the film. The online delivery of the story could include some video clips of the Oscar Awards night, as well as people’s real voices during the interview. This gives people a sense of reality and authenticity. Using photos and videos are considered as more dynamic to show the moviegoers’ reactions in South Korea and the general situation, giving readers a more direct impression of the film’s importance for South Korean people. Another suggestion is to add links of trailers of Parasite for audiences, which is to enhance the news reports’ connectivity. Furthermore, adding some reports directly with the director or its team would make the news more attracting.

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  1. Your post is a nice analysis of the news story, but when analysing the features and functions of online journalism, refer to the readings and use relevant naming conventions (e.g. multimediality, hypertextuality).
    The link to the story should be embedded in text, not spelled out as a URL, but it does open in a separate tab which is appropriate. The photo you used must be captioned, and the copyright holder identified.
    When writing for online, use the techniques of good online journalism as outlined in the Bradshaw readings: shorter paragraphs, subheadings, dot points, images to break up text and make content scannable and easy to read. Your headline uses the same key words as the ABC News article, and as a result is SEO optimised, but to further enhance SEO you should assign key word tags to your post.
    Where you suggest video could engage readers more effectively, you could provide links to examples of trailers and other content.
    Try to include in your analysis other key elements such as embedded social media posts, sharing buttons, links to the authors’ other stories, and the ability for users to comment.
    Finally, one of the features that stood out for me as a user was the autoplay video – I dislike it and prefer to be in control and choose whether or not I watch a video. What do you think?

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