The new Motorola Razr has officially been delayed in Australia due to coronavirus.


This article is published by TechRadar on 25th Feb 2020,  which is an old technology-related news website since 2008. Similar news can be found on the Daily Telegraph. It comes with 425 words. In TechRadar, this article comes with 8 hyperlinks which relate to the appraisement of the phone, or comparison with other similar products on the market. It also offers some videos about this phone, but they are in the middle of the website, not as clear as other news websites.

Additionally, Interactivity is good. the sharing clickable links are on the top of the page, and they are very easy to find. However, users have to log in and subscribe if they want to leave comments.

As for SEO, this article has no hashtag to introduce the keywords of the article, but I think using hashtags might be a good way for users to find their interests. Users can also search for relevant news more effectively.

What’s more, the website designers should try to simplify their website. One principle for Interface design is simplicity, but there are a lot of adversitisements on it, and only half of the page belongs to the main content. The editor can make some improvements in this area.


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  1. Good analysis, and your blog post uses some of the conventions of online journalism such as shorter paragraphs and white space to enhance readability. Subheadings would make the content and structure clearer.
    You suggest that hashtags would improve the SEO of the TechRadar story – which key words would you use? You could also use them in your own post 
    The link you provide to the story should be embedded in text or a phrase that both indicates to the reader where they are going, and uses key words for SEO purposes. The link should also open in a new tab. I had to copy and paste the story link, which is not user-friendly.
    Images must be captioned, and attribute the copyright holder or source of the image, even where it seems obvious (as in the screenshot you used).
    If using less advertising, or minimising its use for readers’ sakes, do you have suggestions for ways TechRadar can add to the revenue they require to operate the site?

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