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To improve SEO, I will try to put two keywords – “ parasite” and “Oscar” forward, for example, Oscar-winner Parasite talks everyone’s language.


The full news is more like a copy and paste from the printed media: one picture, no hyperlink, no video, and only some quotation from the director, South Korean president Moon Jae-in and a professor in Korea Soongsil Cyber University. No subheading which will be easier for readers to search for information on the site. No fresh content that would be deserved to be shared via social media to increase the exposure and build relationship with audience.


There has no technique use, that is, fail to take the advantage of online journalism and i do not think it will appeal the attention of the public and keep them further reading if there is a full page of text. I will add a hyperlink such as some more details about the film, or some other information about the films which also gain popularity in Oscar. Hyperlink like these could be added in the middle of the news. This facilitates audience to interact by clicking through to related information. However, i even did not find a “related news” or “read more” section on the page. At the same time, there is no box for readers to make comment.

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  1. Good use of subheadings to organise the main points of your analysis. You identify two key words, Parasite and Oscar, which you could have used in your post’s headline and in the tags to improve the SEO.
    The story is from news agency Xinhua via wire service Agence France Presse, and usually they provide copy, photos, and video, but don’t include links. If you suggest adding hyperlinks to engage the user, provide examples in your post. Does China Daily normally offer readers the opportunity to comment on posts? If not, why do you think that’s the case? I’m fascinated by the non-functioning Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn share buttons at the top of China Daily stories – why are they there, and do you think users expect them to work?
    The link you provide to the story you analyse should be embedded, and it should open in a new tab.
    You use some of the naming conventions for the features and functions of online journalism (interactivity) – in your full analysis in the second part of the assignment, make sure you refer to Bradshaw and other readings, and use some of the terms they describe (hypertextuality, multimediality).

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