When China is almost recovery, the input illness worth attention


Today, China daily’ journalist raised doubts and show worries about the spreading coronavirus outbreak around the world.


Latest on the novel coronavirus outbreak

A pneumonia outbreak was first reported in Central China’s Wuhan city in December. The disease, which has spread across China and beyond, is caused by a novel coronavirus.

In terms of headline, the journalist clearly interpret the meaning of the disease, which is in accordance with the News’s topic. But if the author could improve, it is still improvable once the headline to be present more news value for attracting more audience, which refer to the scalable.

Digital storytelling

To successfully tell a news needs to employ the emotional attachment with audience, enhance the emotional bonding to make the news story cater for the audience’s interest and capture their attention. However, for this news report, it appears more like a new telling, too direct towards the audience, which may affect the audience’s intertest. For instance, too much data in the first paragraph.

News value

The topic is raising world’s attention and even links to each audience’s life at the moment, which is the hotline topic. Also, the topic itself has enough conflict to arouse audience’s engagement while they are reading.

Images and Hyperlinks

The author has enabled the communication with audience become more frequent by using the appropriate hyperlinks and pictures.

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  1. This is not a news story – it’s a series of updates on coronavirus developments.
    Your story link is embedded in text, but should also open in a new tab.
    You should assign your post to the relevant category (Assignment 1) and assign relevant keyword tags.
    You employ some of the techniques of online journalism, including short paragraphs and chunking information, but your subheadings would be clearer and more SEO-friendly and the post would be easier to scan if you used heading tags instead of plain text.
    You should make more specific reference to the naming conventions for the features and functions of online journalism.
    Your screenshots are too small to be read. Images should be captioned and also include attribution for the copyright holder of the image, even where you use screenshots.
    Where you suggest improvements, provide examples, e.g. write a headline you think is better and explain why it is better. If you think hyperlinks and pictures are ‘appropriate’ explain why.

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