an article ‘Cut tariffs to help economy, scholars say

According to China Daily, review of an article ‘Cut tariffs to help economy, scholars say’.

China Daily


Firstly, this online article headline is short and easy to scan, but the word that used is completely general and unappealing. SEO is not friendly and more key words are missing. for example, it can be emphasized solution of the economic crisis impacted by COVID-19 between US and China.


The article is well-structured with one-sentence paragraph and subheadings. However, it loses to patient and attractive by audiences if there is only a full page of text. And there is only picture, which is not related to news but decorating. My suggestion is, to add a hyperlink such as a video, a picture and an audio between the body of article, about policies of subsides among China and US. Also, it fails to take the advantage of online news without the technique, but we can create some interaction with users. For example, subscription, blog comment. Because the use of technique, it is helpful to increase engagement and scannable.

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  1. Your story link should be embedded in text and open in a new tab. I needed to copy-paste the URL, which is not user-friendly.
    Use heading tags for subheadings.
    You make some reasonable suggestions for improvement – are they feasible for China Daily? (Does China Daily invite comment on any of its stories, for example?)
    Images used in your posts should be captioned and include attribution for the copyright holder or source of the image.

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