Audio reflection: the best place Sussie visited


I have interviewed my flatmate Sussie about the best place she has visited. The Whole conversation is in Mandarin.

The translated transcript:

Me: What is the most interesting place you have ever visited? why?

Sussie: I think Shenzhen is the most interesting place I have ever visited because I have built some ties with this place. Although I was born in Fujian Province, I will go to Shenzhen every holiday to visit my grandparents. My grandparents like Shenzhen so they live there. They join a Christian group and go to lots of meetings. Every time I go there, there will be snacks and some other things.  So, Shenzhen is the place where gives me religious enlightenment. Also, two months ago, I met a boy sitting next to me at the pre-orientation meeting hosted by the University of Sydney, he is now also sitting next to me, but from a stranger to now my boyfriend. Yes, Shenzhen is such a magic and interesting place,  allowing me who is from Guangzhou, southern China and him, who is from Langfang, Beijing, to get to know each other.

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