Proposal: Increasing tourists visit scenic spots in Beijing during coronavirus

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people flow at Beijing botanical garden photoed by Wenning Wang


Beijing, as the capital of China, there has been no confirmed cases of coronavirus for almost a week. It looks like a time for people to relax their vigilance. Instead of isolation at home, more and more people choose to visit scenic spots in the city. Especially with the arrival of spring, the number of tourists increased rapidly in some public parks. For example, the Beijing Botanical Garden (a famous scenic spots in Beijing) has also reached its recent peak.

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photoed by Wenning Wang

However, Chaoyang district (a major district of Beijing) is still a high risk area. The large numbers of people gathering still will increase the infection rate of the coronavirus, so in this feature story will discuss about this issue.

Content & discovery (sources of information):

This is a feature story about the risk of crowding in Beijing where the coronavirus situation has just turned better. In this feature story, I would like to explore:

  1. Flow of people in major scenic spots in Beijing.
  2. The attitude of tourists about whether the large number of people gathering will increase the risk of infection.
  3. The prevention and control measures of the attractions to reduce the risk.
  4. To introduce the recent confirmed cases of coronavirus situation in Beijing.

To discovery (sources of information), I would like to go to some of the major scenic spots in Beijing, such as the Beijing Botanical Garden, Xiangshan Park and Tiananmen Square. In those scenic spots, I will interview:

  1. Some visitors: to ask about the risk of infection and their prevention measures.
  2. Scenic staff: what is the difference between their work and non-epidemic period.
  3. Scenic manager: What measures does the scenic spot have done to prevent coronavirus infection.

Then, I will conclude what I discovered into a feature news story.

Chosen publication & Target user group

Beijing is the capital of China, the news of Beijing is representative. Besides, the phenomenon of increasing number of visitors happens all over the country. Therefore, I would like to choose China Daily as the publication. China Daily is the only representative of Mainland China in the Asian News Alliance, daily page of China Daily Website views are over 42 million, and the demographic of user are about 900,000 worldwide.

The target users group for this news is overseas Chinese and foreigners interested in Chinese prevent measures in coronavirus. Besides, China Daily has different catalog to meet the needs of different group of people, such as business, China, world and sports. This news can be set into China catalog.

Ideas for multimedia, hypertext and interactivity

  • The content of this press release will be field visits and face-to-face interviews.
  • Conversations will be using to increase interactivity.
  • Photos content will be related to the flow of people in the scenic area and various prevention measures.
  • Hyperlinks will be used in the news to expand other content, such as the confirmed cases of China.

Finally, under the global trend of coronaviruses, China’s epidemic situation has been initially controlled. People began to try outing. The epidemic prevention measures in the scenic area and people’s attitudes are worth to report.

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