Proposal: How to ensure safe cooking during covid-19 quarantine?

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Cooking at home
Home cooking isn’t just for sustenance, but entertainment and community Image: Getty Images: Some rights reserved

With the spread of coronaviruses in the world, more and more countries have adopted social isolation to slow the spread of disease, and more and more Australians spend more time at home than ever before. Many people work at home, and many bars, restaurants, and other public places are closed, and people start to turn to cook at home. Cooking at home is not just to fill up your stomach, but also a way to relax.

As more and more people are addicted to cooking, more and more people are injured during cooking, such as being scalded by hot oil or other liquids, or being burned during BBQ, etc. However, in this unusual situation, the hospital is a place that is prone to cross-infection. Therefore, according to the current situation, how to ensure the safety of the kitchen and reduce unnecessary infections will become a topic that people are more and more concerned about.

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Feature story

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This article will be published on Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed is a news aggregation site. It provides reports on a variety of topics, including politics, DIY, animals, and business. The audience of this site is biased towards women, and a younger audience. In general, the main group for cooking is women. And many young people are new to cooking, so they are more likely to be injured when cooking. When these target groups are injured while cooking, they will pay special attention to cooking safety.

There is a lot of content related to COVID-19 on various websites, but there are few articles about cooking safety. While people pay attention to COVID-19, they will also pay attention to other content related to it. The matter of cooking is closely related to everyone’s quarantine life, and it is also something everyone must do at home every day. So readers hope to get suggestions related to cooking safety.


First of all, I want to introduce some things that people can do at home in the context of COVID-19. In addition to working, studying, and having fun at home, cooking has also become a way people spend time with. Because people eat every day, more and more people fall in love with cooking. Cooking at home is a way of decompression, as Samin Nosrat (the cookbook writer and host of Netflix’s Salt Fat Acid Heat)said, when trapped in an apartment, cooking and baking has become a good way to get rid of lonely. And cooking also can eliminate her fear and anxiety. Then, I will put some photos of people cooking on Instagram posted by people to attract readers’ attention.

Cooking disaster
Image: Nisha Naidu: Some rights reserved

Then I want to introduce a friend of mine, Zheng, who was burned by hot water while cooking. Then put a picture of my friend’s injury. Many people may face the problem of injury due to some incorrect operations when cooking. Then put some images of cooking disaster. According to a ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ news, the injuries suffered during cooking are generally severe, and even these patients will be admitted to the ICU. Then put a statistical chart of daily confirmed cases in Australia. But in this situation, for ordinary people, the hospital is a high-risk place. Many people were initially healthy, but they did not take protective measures when they came to the hospital. It’s easy to get infected. The way to avoid this infection is to ensure cooking safety when people cook at home.

A screenshot of statistical chart of the daily COVID-19 confirmed cases
Daily confirmed cases in Australia

Finally, I want to highlight what you should pay attention to when cooking at home. List related suggestions. And some pictures of proper operation in the kitchen. There will be a video about kitchen safety tips from YouTube.

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  • Some screenshots from netizens in #quarantinecooking hashtag on Instagram
  • My friend’s injured photo
  • Images of Cooking disaster (the source of each image will be credited below the image)
  • News report of ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ Sydney’s
  •  A statistical chart of daily COVID-19 confirmed cases in Australia from
  • I will take pictures of safe cooking and find pictures of safe cooking on the Internet (the source of each image will be credited below the image)
  • A video about Kitchen safety tips from YouTube.

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  1. Hi Tianzi — I’m really interested in the topic of your proposal as I’m a cooking enthusiast. Like you have mentioned, lots of people started to cook at home because of boredom, but they pay little attention to cooking safety. It is therefore easy to raise reader’s interest by investigating the impact of the lockdown from an unique angle. You have embedded several hyperlinks to relevant resources and inserted some images to increase readability, but you fail to attribute them correctly (please refer to the attribution guided on Canvas). Also I think it is better to add a feature image to make the blog post eye-catching. You have mentioned a wide range of resources that can be utilised to increase multimediality, but personally I think cooking instruction videos on YouTube as well as instagram posts can also be embedded.

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