My Blog Analysis: Test example

Is vegetarianism the secret to better health - for people, planet and purses - and will it save us from climate change?

In this test blog I look at

A news article from the legacy media site Sydney Morning Herald, which I link to here.

I will include screenshots and hyperlinks and will chunk my copy.
I will also analyse how to improve the delivery of the article, looking at such things as:

  • Writing and content production (eg. accuracy and source credibility of story content; story forms and writing styles; use of tags, links and charts; effectiveness and relevance of any audio-visual enhancements to the story text e.g. sound files, video)
  • Online delivery (eg. use of web and mobile platform interactive features, such as email contacts for authors, use of social media and information sharing technologies, embedded social media posts)
  • Technical delivery (eg. useability factors such as ease of navigation, or legibility of text; and functionality such as working links and auto play multimedia files)

Then the feedback I get on this post in class, will help me to shape my 1500 word analysis, and I can include the information from this post in my full analysis.


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