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Is vegetarianism the secret to better health - for people, planet and purses - and will it save us from climate change?

In this test blog I look at

How to insert a hyperlink to a news article from the legacy media site Sydney Morning Herald which explores the chilling effect of court orders on news reporting.



Photo shows a mobile journalist using smartphone to record video
Mobile journalism is the future – Photo credit: Vanilla Bear Films on Unsplash


I will include screenshots and hyperlinks and will chunk my copy.
I will also analyse how to improve the delivery of the article, looking at such things as:

  • Writing and content production (eg. accuracy and source credibility of story content; story forms and writing styles; use of tags, links and charts; effectiveness and relevance of any audio-visual enhancements to the story text e.g. sound files, video)
  • Online delivery (eg. use of web and mobile platform interactive features, such as email contacts for authors, use of social media and information sharing technologies, embedded social media posts)
  • Technical delivery (eg. useability factors such as ease of navigation, or legibility of text; and functionality such as working links and auto play multimedia files)


Then the feedback I get on this post in class, will help me to shape my 1500 word analysis, and I can include the information from this post in my full analysis.


This is a test: I am going to embed audio here:

Then I will add the transcript as an ACCORDION

Transcript: Interview with Claire OR

Question: Is the environment movement a good place for women to work?

I think, all social movements that I’ve worked with or touched on in Australia have a long way to go in terms of addressing justice, equity, diversity and inclusion; and I don’t exclude the climate environment segment from that.

However, I have found my experience working in the social movement, the advocacy part of the climate sector, if you like, has been one of the more emotionally intelligent, supportive and kind cultures.

So there are lots of challenges within the kind of work culture of the social movement, but a lot of kindness, a lot of openness, a lot of care for people and country and some good levels of self-awareness of what we need to learn. Yes, I think that it is a good environment for women; but actually a really good working environment for everybody, no matter what their gender is.

Then the rest of the text in the blog post just continues as normal. This important environment story about re-engineering critical wetlands sites in Victoria is also a great example of excellent use of data and media in journalism

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