The discrimination pushing LGBTQ workers to quit

BBC News: The discrimination pushing LGBTQ workers to quit

by Vivian Ho (23rd March 2023)


Headline: The headline of this news story is brief (only 7 words) and informative enough, but for social media platforms’ delivery, it is not interesting enough to attract audiences’ attention. I would like to add more words to it to make it more attractive and easier to be recommended to the audience by the algorithm system.

Image: The images are not clear enough for the audience to extract information from them at a glance without reading the subsequent news. I would choose an image with a rainbow element that was closely related to the “LGBTQ’ community in the title but also allowed the audience to immediately understand what the image was specifically referring to.

Link: I will use embedded links to supplement the ‘terminology’ in case some readers do not understand the relatively niche information (eg. cisgender). I will also use embedded links to data-based information in the news story to add conviction and credibility to the sources of information.

Interaction & Usability: There is a share to other social media platforms area at the bottom of the news, and this cross-media delivery can increase the interactivity and usability of the news for the audience. And I will guide the audience to leave comments or likes or retweets to enhance the usability (e.g. by adding hashtags), depending on the characteristics of the different online media platforms.

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