How Korean dramas took over Bollywood-mad India

"love rain korean drama 51" by clamangi is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

BBC News:

This article is written by Zoya Mateen and Meryl Sebastian and being published on BBC News in March 6, 2023.


Headline is attractive to call the attention of audience easily, making them interested in the article and snare them in using the description of plot. Clear and short sentence is used to introduce the background of this article, showing the major theme: Korean dramas. What’s more, with an image of Korean drama to show the major topic intuitively.


The target audience should be clearly identified in the headline though the headline is engaging. Additionally, to enhance the multimedia aspect of the article, more videos and links should be added instead of just embedding two images of Korean dramas and Bollywood-mad India. This will help to break up the text into smaller, more manageable pieces for the audience to browse online. The use of subheadings would also make the article more organized and easier to read.


To improve interactivity with readers in online delivery, activities can be added to get responses from the audience. For example, some voting questions could be included to increase reader engagement, such as “Do you prefer Korean dramas or Bollywood movies?” Additionally, readers could be provided with two emojis to choose from, “agree” or “disagree,” at the end of the article.

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