Koala’s survival threatened under NSW law

Junkee: Koalas In Sydney Are Facing Extinction Due To Shoddy NSW Laws


-News writing

The word count of the headline is brief and clear, a total of 10 words. It covers what, who, and where, according to the principle of writing a news story. Not only that, below the headline, is a large picture of Koalas which can attract readers and make the web page more vivid.

The article is divided into several paragraphs, but each has one or two sentences, which do not describe too much content. It helps readers quickly scan specific information and is an effective online reading mode.

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There are some related reports or posts attached to the report. Also, hyperlinks are added to the text of the news so that readers can click to view relevant information or statistics, including official tweets. Therefore, the authenticity and persuasiveness of news can be conveyed more effectively.

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The news story is found in the list of LATEST NEWS. It helps increase news reads and clicks. This section is located on the right side of the website, which means that when readers browse it on the homepage, they can quickly scan to this section.

However, the interactivity of this report is lacking. Although there are some sharing buttons inserted into other social platforms under the headline, the web page does not manage the comment board well, and it is only a comment board for the Facebook plug-in and has some unrelated messages.

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