Giant Panda Le Le Dies After 20 Years at Memphis Zoo

Giant Panda Le Le Dies After 20 Years at Memphis Zoo as featured on The Associated Press

Multimedia and Relevance

The headline of the news is about the report of panda LELE’s death, and the news only uses a picture at the beginning that does not belong to panda LELE, which can easily create ambiguity. In addition the news is interspersed with many advertisements in the middle and side, which can divert the reader’s attention while reading and reduce the coherence of the news. News should reduce irrelevant multimedia, increase the relevance of multimedia to the news content, and ensure that the use of multimedia is a proper guide for readers to maintain the coherence of news reading and attract readers’ attention.


News uses two hypertextual that explain the background of the news and the panda protection measures. However, the surveillance video of LELE’s life and some interviews with related people mentioned in news do not give more information which can be referenced. News should provide more pictures, videos or hypertextual related to the news content to increase the credibility of the news and the readers’ understanding.


News does ot have interactive content. A comment section could be set up to promote interaction and discussion between readers and the author, increasing the interactivity of the news.

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