‘Definitely not safe’: Animals falling sick, dying near hellish Ohio train derailment site



This article informs the news regarding the Ohio train derailment incident. It is published by the Australian news.com website, which is a native resident of online journalism.

In this article, there is a great satisfactory in finding many aspects of Internet journalism.



Unfortunately, this article lacks hypertexuality. There is a lot of reference to other reports at the incident, but there is no sign of in-text hyperlinks that connects to these references.

Multimedial?(And a blockquote)

There is sufficent multi-media content. There is a video that automatically plays that retells the article , and below saw a reference using an embedded twitter post by  independent journalist Marthe de Ferrer.  This section would also serve as a block quote function.

News Content?

There are good references, from expert professor Kevin Crist, to dairy farmer Taylor Holzer who witnessed the incident.  As at that time the derailment’s effect is still under investigation, no further reference were used and the incident was relatively unprecedented.


Unfortunately, compared to other reports websites on the same event owned by the same corporation,  There was no channels of interaction. There was no comment section , buttoms for social media sharing or contact methods to the writers- In fact, the writer is also anonymously cited as “Staffs”.


This article has a subheading. However, there is no sub-headings. Thie article also has several informative pictures with descriptions, which act as great graphic informer.

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