Koalas In Sydney Are Facing Extinction Due To Shoddy NSW Laws

By Charles Rushforth from Junkee
Source: https://junkee.com/sydney-basin-koala/347868


The headline accurately and directly expresses the who, where, what and why.
Then the first paragraph immediately after the headline is in bold text, which very much represents the rejuvenation of digital born commercial news service.

Hypertext and Multimedia

This news story has reasonable hypertext and multimedia resources that clearly tell the news event.The news also quotes tweet content, which represents the characteristics of digital born commercial news service.

By sliding down from this news story, it automatically refreshes to other news stories. Each reader can slide down and keep reading, just like a social media platform.
In addition, I noticed that other news stories also referenced video footage from TikTok, which is something that traditional media platforms would never use. Koala News does not cite video material probably because there is no relevant material.

There are also options for comments below the article. No one commented on the current news. But that means Junkee doesn’t limit comments.

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