Perth Mint sold diluted gold to China, got caught, and tried to cover it up

This is the links to the news:

The news report mainly tells a scandal that historic Perth Mint sold diluted gold to China and is now required to recall potential $9 billion of gold bars.


The headlines

The structure is clear because the news story has been separated into several parts, the authors outlined the key points, and the headlines is short and clear, which is easy to read.



This report attached different medias such as pictures and videos.

This article attached a YouTube Video, which is relevant to the topic. However, it could not be opened due to an age limit, the viewers have to open a new page to get access.


The pictures of gold that relevant to the topic, but this is too much and repetitive. In the “Shanghai exchange ‘misled’” part, the author still used picture of gold. If a picture about Shanghai can be attached, such as Shanghai Gold Exchange, the visual content will be more attractive.



The news report inserted only one hyperlinks at the bottom. More hyperlinks should be included to increase its readability and reliability. For example, what is the standards and specifications of gold bars Shanghai Gold Exchange?

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