The New Daily: ABC TV’s Lisa Miller hits back at ‘foul, disgusting’ online trolls

How 'online-friendly' is The New Daily?

ABC News. Credit: Flickr - Tama Leaver, ABC News

ABC TV’s Lisa Miller hits back at ‘foul, disgusting’ online trolls

The New Daily is an Australian digital born news site, founded in 2013. But reporting on ABC News Breakfast anchor Lisa Millar’s on-air response to Twitter abuse she received this week – just how online-friendly are they?

Brevity and Scannability

With an eleven-word headline and an article of just 513 words, a reader could quickly gauge the key points of the story with a couple of scrolls and scans on the train commuting to work.

But without images, the article looks bland and uninteresting visually, which could cause them to look elsewhere for news – something more pleasing to the eye.

The New Daily’s article does not feature any images. Credit: The New Daily

Usability, Interactivity and Commentary

The article is interactive, with a video, embedded tweet and hyperlinks for readers to find more information. 

The New Daily also encourage online conversation; readers can share the article on social media and comment their thoughts on the article itself.

Has The New Daily done enough to boost interactivity? Credit: The New Daily

But how can the readers find the article in the first place?

Since the article was published on International Women’s Day (IMD), and the story itself concerns IMD, the term has reached peak popularity on Google Trends. Including the term International Women’s Day in the headline would boost SEO and allow the article to reach a wider audience.

As a digital-born news site, The New Daily could do better.

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