Australia Institute report reveals gender pay gap costing women $3bn a week

Link: Australia Institute report reveals gender pay gap costing women $3bn a week

This news from reports the serious gender pay gap in Australia and the underrepresentation of women in high-paying jobs.


The release of this news and the research coincided with the International Women’s Day, which is possible to be noticed easily under a trendy topic.


Multiple data in both text and headline allow audience too quickly retrieve the information they need.

Each paragraph contains of one or two sentences, but the text lacks subheadings to break up the text and help audience to find entry points into the text.

The article mainly analyses some reports published by Australian institutes. However, none of hyperlink is found to link to those background materials, which keeps the audience from better understanding and reduces the credibility.


Articles allow audience to directly access the author’s twitter account for interaction via a link. also does not let readers comment on news, which diminishes the values of community and audience engagement.


This news is illustrated by text, charts and video. However, it is apparently that the charts do not play a role of explanation effectively. When it mentions Labor’s policy proposals on parental leave and superannuation, the accompanying graphics is about the gender pay gap worldwide, making the text less relevant to the image.



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