Scoop: HelloFresh drops coconut milk from Thailand over monkey labor allegations

HelloFresh will soon drop Thai coconut milk. Photo: Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images


Scoop: HelloFresh drops coconut milk from Thailand over monkey labor allegations

This news story was written by Kelly Tyko and published on March 7, 2023, in the digital-born commercial news service – Axios.

Java element of the newsarticle


First of all, the java element of the article does not show that it has hidden keywords or titles. In this way, the terms like animal protection should be used as hidden related search terms to attract more viewers’ attention to this kind of content. Because of the inappropriate audience, although the article was posted by Axios on social media like Twitter to interact with users, the response was negative.


Viewers reply on Twitter


Screenshot 1


The author uses bold fonts to divide the news into six sections to list all the information in a clear and organized manner. However, online journalism in this format is stereotypically uninteresting. Too much data and cluttered sources of information can be confusing and irritable, and viewers may ignore those sentences. In this way, we need multimedia.


Featured image


This story only has a meaningless logo as a featured image and no other multimedia. It is better to include a picture of a monkey as a laborer being trained to attract more viewers.


A photo from the Guardian is an example


Although the author added a lot of hyperlinks in the article, I think the Government’s Facebook Page in the news could be added as multimedia content instead of a hyperlink. The specific video of training monkeys would make viewers more sympathetic to give positive feedback.



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