Sydney’s train network grinds to halt due to communications issue

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This story is about traffic paralysis in Sydney. Here are my suggestions for how to make the news better:

Paragraph to the point

The paragraphs are so numerous and lengthy that it’s easy to lose focus. To make it easier for the reader to read, use short paragraphs to highlight key points, and each new idea should start with a new paragraph.

Optimization (seo)

Adding and using tags to draw attention to a story also makes it easier for readers to use tags to search and attract interested readers.

Add more graphics

More pictures or videos showing the impact of traffic jams on people should be included in the news to arouse readers’ interest and help them understand the substance of the reports more easily. The pictures in this article are more about shooting crowded crowds, I think it is possible to add photos or videos of the inside of the train station.

Increase interaction

Interact with readers, collect feedback from readers, improve reporting content and methods, and add interactive areas to articles. For example, ask questions at the end to grab the reader’s attention.

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