US veterans testify at hearing on United States evacuation from Afghanistan

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The headlines

The structure is clear because the news uses a short sentence that tells the actor what is this news about. the headline is clean.


This news has a video showing the testimony of American veterans at the hearing, and this video is very eye-catching just below the headline. But the whole article is very long, and it will take some time to finish reading.


The article has many hyperlinks to help readers understand the whole story. Multiple data in both text and headline allow the audience to quickly retrieve the information they need.  But this news takes a lot of time to read and does not retain readers in five seconds. it is too time-consuming for readers who just want to know about the news.


the news itself is a very hot news, so many people will pay attention to it, such as searching Syria.


NEWS website provides actors with links to share, however, readers are not able to comment on news stories on the site, which lacks interactivity.


Key points directly in the news, next to the news narrative. The news magnified and marked the words of the American soldiers at the hearing, which obviously make readers notice what they said and some key sentences.

(these is key points)


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