Bol says B sample clears him of doping positive

The article I’ve chosen to analyse is from The New Daily about Peter Bol declaring that he has been cleared of previous doping charges. First of all, this is very much a ‘news story’ as it is about a person of prominence as Bol is Australia’s fastest ever 800m runner and finished just shy of the podium in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, and doping it a significant charge in the sporting world.

The article was also written timely after he announced that his provisional suspension had been lifted by Sport Integrity Australia (SIA) via his Instagram account. However, the intent too quickly publish the piece may have caused the story to be rushed, making it difficult to read and follow how or why this has happened, instead relying heavily of Bol’s Instagram post, news clip and a statement released from SIA.

The Instagram post was embedded but other than the news clip at the start, it was the only other use of media. Subheadings, increase in font size of important quotes and other media would’ve helped break up the information and made it easier to navigate what is quite a complex story, and perhaps explaining what these quotes mean exactly would’ve help in this regard too. The use of hyperlinks to previous articles about this situation is definitely necessary to understand a lot of the context, but it is too text heavy and needed more media embedded to help break it up.

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