Former PM claims China using its economic power to dominate region


The original article is from, written by Eli Green.

Eli Green’s news article reports on former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s opposition to China from two very different aspects: military economics and vaccination. However, this news article has some to improve. This post will discuss and analyze the issues through headline, hypertext, multimedia, and interactivity.


Headline & Subheading

The title of the article, while reflecting the author’s intended topic, is limited in scope and does not cover the issue of vaccines that the author addresses in the second half of the article, so it is not accurate enough. In addition, the subheading does not present any further explanation of the content of the article, and the introduction of the content of this article is insufficient. The author should add more specific information points in the subheading that relate to “vaccinations.”


Hypertext & Multimedia

In this article, the author’s use of hypertext is limited. The use of hyperlinks is not shown, although it includes video of Mr. Morrison speaking and a display of images. This often makes reading difficult or confusing for the target reader.

Additionally, the number of images included in this article is limited, and the image information is not convincing enough, which makes it difficult for readers to relate to.

Considering the use of the more relevant and vivid image is what this news story should work on.



Most of the articles are sentences that state facts, such as Mr. Morrison’s remarks or opinions, to the intended audience. This does not easily arouse spontaneity in the reader. Therefore, in a sense, this article lacks interactivity. In addition, at the end of this article, there are only three links that can be shared: Email, Twitter, and Facebook. Authors should consider further improvements to the search bar in the interface, linking article content to Google or external search. More quick sharing buttons could be considered, such as LinkedIn and Reddit.


Summary & Interface Design

First, according to the classification of this news article, it belongs to Coronavirus category, but its headline and the presentation of actual content are not highly relevant to the classification. Secondly, the transition and cohesion between the contents of the article are not close enough. I suggest that the author should consider using more subheadings, topic sentences and link sentences in the body content. In general, when I read this article, my biggest feeling is that the ideas expressed in the article are not clear and easy to confuse the readers. The various advertisements that pop up frequently are also likely to make readers frustrated.

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