News Analyzing-Russia fires hypersonic missiles and exploding drones in massive barrage against Ukraine

News from ABC.

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News content:

News coverage of the war between Russia and Ukraine has focused on recent Russian missile and explosive drone attacks on Ukraine. Reports say the Russian attacks have mainly targeted Ukrainian industrial and electrical facilities, which has had a huge impact on the lives of Ukrainian civilians.



The headline is a good summary of the news, but it is unappealing because it simply summarizes the event. As the title of online news, the news should attract the attention of users among the numerous messages on the Internet.


The article has a ‘read more’ section. This section has several news-related hyperlinks that interested readers can follow to learn more about news events.


In addition to pictures, there are videos related to the news, which enriches the content of the news.


The comment function is missing from most ABC news content, which should be an essential feature of online journalism because users can let other users see their opinions in comments. As you can see, ABC’s online news can only share content with third-party platforms, such as Facebook, but there is no open comment, which makes reading the news feel like reading an electronic newspaper.

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