Has your landlord tried to increase your rent during your lease? These are your rights

This news comes from SBS NEWS, Published by David Aidone, Biwa Kwan on 9 March 2023.


This news is of great value. The author pays attention to the recently popular hot issues: If the landlord wants to increase the rent, how should the tenant protect their own rights? The author analyzes policies in different parts of Australia and suggests suitable solutions. However, the article still need to be improve.

Set function:
There is no print button on the left side of the article, so this article cannot be printed out; secondly, on the right side of this article, there is a function of watching news in multiple languages, but in addition to English, only Thai can be selected. This article needs to add multiple language translations.

Hyper Textuality:
As a hot topic at the moment, the author can add some links to articles about “the price of renting houses in Australia soars” and “the influx of international students into Australia, many people can’t find a house”.

News Content:
The author can add a case study, which is a real case about how the tenants use their rights and interests correctly. Adding a case study can make the article fuller.

This article does not set reader comments, readers cannot express their own opinions, nor can they read other people’s comments, and the other platforms that can be shared are also very limited, only Twitter, Facebook and Email.


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