BBC News article analysis: Brahmapuram fire and toxic haze in india

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This news was published in BBC news on March 6, 2023. It describes the toxic gases produced by a landfill fire in India, the background of the landfill and the government’s measures and recommendations. I would like to discuss the shortcomings of this article.


Some official facts are not hyperlinked, which reduces their credibility. They need to be hyperlinked to the sources for verification.

From BBC news


The lack of a subtitle reduces the text’s legibility. It is suggested that a subheading like “Recommendations and measures ” could be added before the sentence “The state’s health minister Veena George has advised ……” to improve the text’s organization.


The lack of video and audio reduces the audio-visual impact of the story. I suggest adding a video at the beginning of the story.  This video can create a combination of audio and visual effects and introduce the first paragraph and highlight the topic.

Although the use of a picture shows the multimedia features of the story, the image is from 2021 and is not recent enough.

From BBC news


The lack of a blockquote reduces the clarity and legibility of the quoted text on the page. It is recommended that the “blockquote” tag be used to indicate the block of quoted text. In this story, we could use the “blockquote” tag to quote Veena George’s advice.

From BBC news

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