Rescued dolphin returned to the sea

Rescued dolphin returned to the sea

This news is taken from China Daily and compiled by reporter CHEN BOWEN.

The news content focuses on the first case of successfully rescued Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins released into the sea in Hainan, China.

It is a qualified news article with its content edited to specification, neatly structured and clearly explained 5W+H. However, as an online journalism, there is room for improvement.



The headline of the article is simple and straightforward, but such a headline is unattractive in the online platform where a lot of information is flooding in. And without the explanatory notes of the subheading, this headline is incomplete and confusing. The headline only shows the point of ‘what’.

I would add “Hainan” as a geographical location, “first” as a keyword, and “bottlenose dolphin” as a special species in the headline.



The story is pale in comparison; it does not use any media files to capture the viewer’s attention. Such animal-related stories can get more attention with the judicious use of pictures.

According to the story inserted the interaction between the dolphin and the trainer during the rescue period, the cute pictures of the dolphin, and the images of the dolphin when it was released are reasonable. And the story has front news, the stranding in April 2022 and the recover in February 2023 can be linked in the article, so that the audience can better understand the whole story.


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