The agreement of the International High Seas Treaty takes a huge step toward marine conservation

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ABC NEWS: International High Seas Treaty a ‘huge leap forward for marine conservation

This news is about the important contribution of the International High Seas Treaty to Australia’s marine conservation, it was posted the ABC Wide Bay by Grace Whiteside, Wed 8 Mar 2023.


Paragraph Chunking

From the chunking of the text, a point that could be improved is that the image of turtles broken up the text into two paragraphs which are talking about the same content of the area of the high seas, not the turtle. This image could be changed to the map of the high seas or the aerial view of the high seas and combine these two paragraphs.

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Hypertext and link

The text is hyperlinked to the background story new for this news story, but there is only this one text hyperlink in the full text. The topic of this story revolves around the context of the International High Seas Treaty, so it should link the text of the Treaty to the sources of its content and allow the reader to better understand how its adoption has helped to protect Australia’s oceans.

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There is a share button and a web link copy button in the top right corner of the news page and at the center and end of the text. There are only three other social platforms that can be linked to directly in the share function, otherwise, readers can only interact with other platforms by copying links. The sharing function could be improved by adding more options for direct links to other social media platforms such as Instagram.

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