Two dead, two alive after Americans kidnapped in Mexico

This is a news article from legacy media site the BBC, authored by Madeline Halpert & Will Grant, BBC’s Mexico correspondents.

The article details the accounts of four Americans that were kidnapped whilst driving in the city of Matamoros, Mexico.


The textual information of the article is presented in a chunked format. There are no subheadings to help delegate information to the reader. The article contains 700 words, subheadings would improve readability.

(BBC News)

There is an embedded video at the top of the article which provides a summary of the story.

The article also provides an original map graphic to visualise the location of the kidnapping.

Map of the key locations in Matamoros, Mexico
(BBC News)


The article only references one tweet. The reader is required to rely on the authenticity of the quotes provided by the journalists. The article also does not provide profile contacts to either of the authors, and only one link is provided for a related BBC news story. Additional links would help provide readers more information for this ongoing issue.


Sharing of the article is the only interactable element. There is no space where readers can provide their comments. The share tool also lacks social media integration, only allowing for a URL link. Social media integration would increase the articles viewership and exposure.


Optimisation of the site scores a 87% on A reduction in used JavaScript files would improve its score as this negatively affects load time of the webpage. This is reflected in the ‘server’ score.



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