WhatsApp: Rather be blocked in UK than weaken security


News from the BBC, written by tech news reporters Shiona McCallum and Chris Vallance, about WhatsApp’s disapproval of the Online Security Bill’s call for reduced product security.

Headlines and subheads

Headlines are clear and concise, allowing readers to quickly grasp the point of the story. Multiple subheads differentiate the content of the story and guide the reader through the story.

Writing and content production

The news content is clearly structured and logical. The introduction to the article clearly outlines the subject matter, including the views on the online bill and the measures that WhatsApp will take, which will entice the reader to continue reading the story. The news is divided into several paragraphs each with a clear topic sentence to summarise the information.


The news is presented in both text and image format. The choice of images and the content are very well matched. For example, a screenshot of the interaction between Signal’s president, Online delivery, and Mr Cathcart on Twitter was placed in the ‘push back’ section. This image reinforces the importance that WhatsApp places on security and their firm stance on it. Provides a higher degree of viability for news.

Online delivery

The lack of interactivity in this story is obvious, starting with the absence of author contact details and the lack of a user comments section, the only thing users can do is share the link.

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