Women are barred from returning to class in Afghanistant

News story from BBC: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-64875969


This story posted three pictures of students studying life conditions in Afghanistan. Even though these pictures were shot from both sides of male and female’s perspectives and disclosed true situations to some extent, video media should be added to make audiences feel such tension and pain in Afghanistan. Videos containing sound and timeline are more dynamic than pictures. And it is easier to make audiences engaged in the news story and the event itself.

Transparency and intertextuality:

In the background text, it pointed out that ‘there is evidence of disagreement within the ranks’. What is the evidence? It should insert a hyperlink about the evidence to let the audience further know about the Taliban regime.

Content hierarchy

Using content hierarchy for classifying paragraphs and helping the audience to get the core quickly, such as subheadlines. For instance, the interview of the female and male students is in a paragraph. Splitting them into two sections can make the structure more clear.




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