BBC News: TikTok has been banned from Scottish government devices

An Analysis of the Online Delivery Transformation of Legacy Media

Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash
The core message of this article is that TikTok has been banned from Scottish government devices.


Lack of highlights

The article uses subsections and short sentences, making the format more suitable for online reading .

However, it lacks forms of bolding, bullet points, subheadings or different line spacing to highlight the connections between paragraphs, making the text poorly readable. The news article seem like a loose pile of facts, which is lacking in logic.



This article introduces four hyperlinks to other BBC articles, supplementing information missing from this short article.

But the exact same sentence in the articles also clearly demonstrates that the newsroom is copying and pasting the same text in different articles.

The third and fourth link are the same article.



The “related topics” at the bottom of the text enables news websites to introduce a way of integrating information similar to hashtags.

The article has a “copy link” button, but it cannot be easily distributed to social media.

A large number of blocks leading to other popular BBC content on the page show the richness of BBC media products.


The story lacks multimedia representations, as evidenced by only one old photo showing a person’s phone displaying the TikTok logo.

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