A story delivered online lacks multimedia and interactivity


Each paragraph within the text is of relatively brief length and has been concluded with three key points to facilitate online readership. However, there is a lack of logical clarity between paragraphs, and it seems that the article and Senator Paterson share similar views, which fails to provide balanced reporting.

The story lacks multimedia representations, as evidenced by only one photo from a Reuters photographer mainly showing the TikTok logo. This image does not provide enough information and is not related to the article’s content.

My suggestion is: the report quotes many views of Senator Paterson, so it may be possible to use his photos to highlight his calls. To illustrate the decision-making processes, results, and reasons of various departments, visual charts can be helpful in showing the inconsistency of their bans on TikTok.  A short video can also help to interpret the story in greater detail.

The interactivity of this report is only reflected in the button to share the story on social media. It does not have more functions such as comments or voting.

In summary, although this report has split the text and added links to provide background information, its lack of multimedia and interactivity does not fully demonstrate the advantages of online delivery.

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