The continued development of AI threatens to pose far-reaching risks to society and humanity

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Since the release of ChatGPT by OpenAI in November 2022, a steady stream of similar products has taken over the landscape. An increasing number of Australians are using ChatGPT in their lives.

Many technology companies, such as Google, have even called on the Australian government to relax copyright laws to allow artificial intelligence to mine the internet for information on websites. But artists are skeptical, believing that they are not being paid for their intellectual property and that it is being protected.

This situation corresponds to the concept of s-risk, introduced by Baumann in 2017, where humans take a certain amount of risk when using new technologies. In the use of AI, tech companies are pushing the envelope at the expense of planning and management issues.

Contemporary AI systems now becoming human competitive in general tasks, it is possible that AI will replace some professions in the future and the employment issue will become more significant.

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Elon Musk and others released an open letter on 22 March calling for a pause on giant AI experiments. They suggest that ” Powerful AI systems should be developed only once we are confident that their effects will be positive and their risks will be manageable. ”


Story angles

  • AI is widely used in life and it has powerful capabilities.
  • Because of the efficiency of AI, it has encroached on the job market.
  • Concerns about the over-exploitation of AI.
  • Discussions on how to manage AI and the irreplaceability of humans.

This article will be a feature story. This story will take a deeper look at the possible threats that AI technology may pose to human society. It will use interviews with leading authorities to uncover the irreplaceable advantages of humans. It will allow people to consider the potential risks of AI without being overly anxious. AI intelligent systems are a very effective new type of technology that can accelerate the progress of civilization. However, over-exploitation can be a threat to human society. Technology companies should retain the positive impact of AI through control. As individuals, we should consider the irreplaceability of humans to strengthen their competitiveness.


Online publications and audiences

I would choose as my website of choice. As a more general social issue, ABC News is a great platform to spread the word. It has a high level of authority as well as influence. The publication’s segmentation function also allows for better targeting of audiences. This feature news can be posted in the Science section to reach a more specific audience interested in this technology, and ABC News pushes news from different sections to the home page to reach a wider audience.


  • Journalism students who have used ChatGPT
  • Staff who use AI technology in their work
  • Professor in Information and Technology at the University of Sydney

Source of Information


Use hyperlinks to online resources, such as open letters and public information.


  • Use the screenshot on Twitter
  • Example:
  • Images or audio recordings from interviews
  • Photos taken in connection with AI


Create a questionnaire at the end of the story with questions about the use and perception of AI and some of the opinions.

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  1. Hi Yiwen,

    I really like your story angle about how AI will occupy the job market, and make it possible for employees in some specific occupations to lose their jobs. As a student, I recently heard a lot about students using AI softwares such as ChatGPT to finish their assignments. In other areas, I also read reports about how ChatGPT achieving songwriting by itself, this could be another example of AI replacing manpower.

    Staff who use AI and professor in information will give you professional perspectives, their ideas might lead to stories with more depth. However, I wonder why would you specify jounalism students as your interviewee? I think it might be more convincing if your could compare students from different majors, like in which major is this issue more serious?

    Maybe try to include information about those industries where human-beings are not easily replaced and the characteristics common to these industries. So that your idea of irreplaceability of humans could be more convincing and informative.

    Your online publication is, which is great. I also recommend 7 news and IT news, they have technology sections, and have a larger audiences who are interested in technologies.

    Good luck with your following assignments!

    Best regards,

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