Abuse against Refugees situation in Australia continues to be violated in many ways


This feature article will examine how refugees continue to be abused in the Australian soil despite the country being among the welcoming countries to refugees and asylum seekers. There have been a rise in a number of people seeking refuge in many countries around the world in recent years, and Australia has had its own fair share of such refugees where it has welcomed a sizable number of them. But as will be examined in the feature article, it is clear that the rights of refugees and asylum seekers in Australia continues to be violated in many ways. The feature article will shed light on how refugees continue to have their rights violated in Australia and the possible reasons behind such violations. 


The feature article will involve interviews with three refugees or asylum seekers from Immigration Centre who will share their experience in the hands of authority and the general public in the Australian society. Their insights will help to reveal some of the violations that they have experienced and what they believe motivates the way that they are treated by different groups in the country. Their insights will be complemented by the published literature on the experiences. 

Target Audience and Publication

The chosen publication for the news feature is news.com.au which is one of the leading online publications in Australia in terms of popularity and also following. According to News Corp Australia news.com.au has about 10.2 million people every month while it targets mainly individuals who are 18 years and above, with those aged from 44 years and above being its largest age demographic when it comes to the target audience. This highlights the fact that the publication is one of the prominent news sites in Australia and hence it will be the one that is best placed to publish the story on the various violations of the refugees’ rights in Australia. The target audience will also be the ones that are from 18 years and above who could gain insights on how refugees are treated and the role they could play in making the lives of asylum seekers and refugees less complicated. 

Existing Research 

Different publications have investigated the issue of violation of the rights of the refugees and asylum seekers in Australia. For instance, Vice indicates that there have been a number of refugees in the country who have lived in limbo for about a decade before the Federal Labor Government fulfilled its promise of giving the 19,000 asylum seekers and refugees a pathway to permanent protection in the country. Aljazeera is also another publication that has detailed the abuse of asylum seekers and refugees where there has been detail of the country using the island nation of Nauru to detail refugees who try to access the country through boats. Human Rights Watch has also examined the ways that about 1,200 women, men, and children trying to seek refuge in Australia.


The multi-media that will be used in the feature article are mainly images that are drawn from different sources including online sources that help to support the case being made.


A refugee who has been in torture in Nauru for about a decade. Accessed https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2023/2/24/refugees-on-australian-detention-island-sew-lips-shut-in-protest

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  1. Hi Yanxua,
    Your article is compelling and highlights an important issue that needs urgent attention. This feature news presents a clear objective and approach, which involves interviews with refugees to understand their experiences and the reasons behind the violations. However, the introduction could be stronger by providing more context about why it’s important to address the violations of their rights. You can have a look at the website on United Nations human rights: https://www.ohchr.org/en/prevention-and-early-warning/preventing-human-rights-violations.

    While the target audience age group is clearly identified, that could be more focused on some groups of people who are concerned about the Policy and societal issues in Australia. Also, the feature article could benefit from including more multimedia elements such as videos or audio clips.

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