Until 2023: The income of Australian women is still a topic worthy of discussion

Australia gender pay gap

From 2021-2022, the annual income gap between men and women. BSB News. (2021)

Case study Background
The different treatment of women in society has always been a topic of debate. Australian surfer Lucy Small raised questions about the gender pay gap in Australia when she won the 2021 prize money, saying there was still progress to be made in this area. But two years on, women are still at a disadvantage in terms of earnings.
The Australian Human Rights Commission points out that “on average, women work an extra 56 days per year in Australia to earn the same pay as men with the same employment opportunities”.

In these recent years, the statistics on the wage comparison between men and women in Australia have been stagnant, that is, the gender pay gap in Australia remains at 22.8%. In the Global Gender Gap Report 2022, Australia has closed the gender gap by 73.8%, ranking 43rd in the world, while the top 10 economies have closed the gender gap by 90%.

Australia’s global gender pay gap rankings for 2022. Global Gender Pay Gap (2022)

In addition to the above data, females around us are always because of family status and age issues gradually pushed to the edge of work. These phenomena have been continuing and attracting attention in Australia.

Topic and arguments

The gender pay gap refers not only to the gap in equal pay between men and women, but also to women’s lower status in society, gender bias, and fewer job opportunities for women in leadership or senior positions. Therefore, this news commentary will mainly focus on the cases of payment feedback differences caused by gender inequality in Australia and put forward two arguments that lead to gender pay gap differences, that is, social gender bias makes women at a disadvantage position in the workplace and women are excluded from employment due to family, childbirth, and age. And finally, use the content of the original interview as evidence of the opinion of the news commentary.

Publication and target audience

Because it is a commentary article based on news events, I prefer to publish it at the same address as the news website from which the case study comes, such as ABC News. The main audience to discuss the gender pay difference in Australia is Australian female citizens and female groups with work visas of different classes, races, and ages.


Based on information sources

Data display: Global Gender Gap Report 2022.

Search case study news web: ABC News and SBS News.

Workplace  Gender Equality Agency video:   explain what causes the gender pay differences    (click the image)



Teacher in Gender, Media, and Consumer course, University of Sydney.

Female friends who are already working in Australia.

Australia Human Rights Commission


Multimedia, hyperlinks, and interactivity

  • Use relevant images and videos to enrich the visual effects of the article. For example, more artistic illustrations to echo the theme of gender inequality, and look for cases of unequal wages in Australia on video sites.
  • Add hyperlinks to keywords and quotes to expand the research content. Aspects of the article that are not discussed in depth can be shown in the links.
  • Use hashtags at the bottom of the article, link the news web topics, and increase the audience.
  • Set up interactive Q&A to make the reader feel more involved.

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  1. I think your idea addresses an important topic. The angle taken is relevant, and the chosen interviews with experts in University and working women in Australia can be strong examples adding in the discussion. However, there are a few points that could be further developed in your commentary article. For example, it would be useful to know more about the specific cases of unequal pay that happened or reported in news or in social media, as well as which industries and sectors where these issues are most happened. In addition, it may be helpful to indicate the comparative policies or initiatives that have been successful in other countries.

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