Improvement suggestions for Coronavirus news on China Daily

News link: Chinese ambassador urges New Zealand to lift travel bans

This blog post aims to analyze and improve the online delivery of the above China Daily news.


No link is embedded in the chosen news.

  • Adding a link to official information and document of 146th session of the WHO Executive Board meeting under phrase ‘Recommendations from WHO‘  will add credibility to the grounds for Chinese ambassador to urge a lift on travel ban.

Multimediality (Lack of image)

The chosen news has no image or video.

Adding a feature image can enhance the content. For example, feature image of the same news on Xinhuanet  offers a clear glance of the size and atmosphere of the press conference.

Image: Chinese ambassador to New Zealand Wu Xi addressing a press conference in Wellington, NZ, on China’s fight against the coronavirus. Copyright holder: Xinhua/Guo Lei.


To be SEO, key word ‘Coronavirus’ should be mentioned in headline because it is the fundamental issue centered , which enables search engines to better index this news, also clarify the reason for travel bans.

Functionality & Interactivity

The four sharing options at the top right part of the story are not functioning.

Comments and questions are not allowed.

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  1. Good analysis, and good post using the conventions of online journalism (embedded links that open in new tabs, subheadings, short paragraphs, bullet points). Your photo is attributed using a link (best practice) – you should have captioned the screenshot, even though it is fairly clear where that comes from.
    The links to the WHO executive session and the Xinhua photograph are excellent examples of improvements that could be made to the article.
    It’s fascinating that the social media share buttons don’t work! They don’t on any of the China Daily stories. Can you suggest a reason they’re there?

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