Critique of Gemma Bath’s online delivery of George Pell’s sentencing in Mammamia

Screenshot Image: Chief Justice Peter Kidd and Cardinal Pell without caption describing context/identity
Screenshot Image: Chief Justice Peter Kidd and Cardinal Pell are pictured without a caption describing context or their identities

I will be analysing the online article ‘”Breathtakingly arrogant.” George Pell’s sentencing delivered live worldwide” appearing in the digital-born publication Mammamia, posted on March 13th.

There are two pictures placed above the story. A general audience knows the photo on the right is of Cardinal George Pell, but we can only assume the photo on the left is of Chief Justice Peter Kidd. Given the digital-born publication targets a younger demographic looking for alternative/light-hearted news and opinion pieces, there is no assuming a reader will gage immediately who they are looking at in these pictures. It would serve the purpose of clarity on the page to see names.

Hyperlinks are randomly distributed in the article. They do not extend a reader’s knowledge of events outside of what the publication has released; they take a reader to other, similar articles by Mammamia. Hyperlinks are also inconsistent: some mentioning of names take a reader to other Mammamia pages about Pell’s conviction and others do not, seemingly at random.

Refer to the image at the top of the post. We can see a link to 6 Comments appears clearly on the top left hand side of the page. This encourages engagement as a reader immediately sees they can contribute to the article. Engagement is relatively high, with several people having their say.


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