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Legacy media:

Coronavirus(COVID-19)is a hot issue at present, the outbreak of coronavirus has sprawled to many countries. The Australian people have begun to be panic and to hoard toilet paper.  A customer recorded ‘ two women conflicting due to buying toilet paper’and this video has spread on the internet as soon as possible. Different newspapers and online platforms have reported this incident. The Sydney Morning Herald is a circulated nationally distributed newspaper and it belongs to Nine which is the largest owned media company in Australia. Although The Sydney Morning Herald is legacy media, it has already launched a digital version including website and app in order to be convenient. Not surprisingly, The Sydney Morning Herald reported this incident in the form of news on 8th March as well.

In this news, there are totally 405 of words and it conforms to brevity. The release time of this news is at 11.47 am. It can attract a large number of audiences at the lunchtime breaks. The author utilized a hyperlink, multimedia including a video, multiplatform including website and app, interactivity such as a discussion board, accessibility, transparency and measurability. There is a hyperlink related to the limited purchasing order of toilet paper in Woolworth and Coles. It should provide more hyperlinks such as travel bans and the number of confirmed cases to help people understand the context of this incident.

Interactivity is a core part of online journalism. Links to sources and comments are both belong to interactivity. As mentioned before, there is a hyperlink in this news. In addition, a related exclusive article associated with the coronavirus outbreak is in this news as well. In order to improve the scannability and achieve multimedia, it should put a clear photo at least that shows the conflict between two women in this news. There is a comment board under the news, the audience can express their personal opinions, respond to other audiences or click ‘like’ to the preferable comments. There are also some links related to the author’s social media account comprising Facebook and Twitter under the headline of this news. If the audiences are interested in this author or have different opinions, they can comment on the author’s social media platforms.

Search engine optimization is also an essential aspect of online journalism,it can help audiences to find effective news. The two key elements including relevance and importance influence your searching consequences. Relevance is related to the searching preference of audiences. On the other hand, importance is relevant to the platform, obviously, The Sydney Morning Herald is an authoritative platform in Australia.  Toilet paper is the keywords to help audiences to find this news. Coronavirus outbreak and toilet paper sold out may be the better tags in this news. The target audience of this news are people who concern about coronavirus or cannot purchase toilet paper.



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News(digital born media):

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  1. Blog post is too long (479 words!) Thorough analysis using terms relevant to the naming conventions for features and functions of online journalism, but you might have used some of those features in your own post, e.g. bullet points, subheadings, shorter paragraphs, more hyperlinks, and photos (e.g. screenshots).
    The two keywords you use to tag your post are appropriate. – could there be more?
    Don’t use assignment 1 in the headline as you already have the post categorised Assignment 1. Your headline should be SEO-friendly.
    Your links should be embedded in a phrase that indicates where the user is going (i.e to a story on the SMH website), not spelled out as a URL. All links should also open in a new tab.
    Good work noting the links to the author’s social media accounts.

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