Improvement of the news.

News: “Aussies Are Clearing Out Grocery Store Supplies Over Coronavirus Fears”


Inappropriate structure

  • According to the title, the first information I received is how people do when they face virus. However, this news spends first 3 paragraphs on introducing the background. I will adjust the order of the content, putting the 4th paragraph, which describes the current situation of supermarket, on the top and introduce the background very brief next.
  • Obviously, the cover picture shows less “serious” emotion than other pictures at the bottom. The position should be adjusted to attract more audiences.

Video and images choice

  • It inserts a video from TikTok. Even though the content of the video is relevant, the background music is too strange and creepy, which leads some people to close the wed immediately.
  • Repeated information: There are two same pictures in this news. Also, there are too many similar pictures to describe same situation. It may confuse readers that there will not be any important information next.

Information Delivery

  • There is only one subheading to split the article. “should you begin stockpiling food because of coronavirus?”. However, below this subheading, it includes 7 paragraphs. If it can add one more subheading “How does supermarket respond?” to separate whole information, that will be better to understand and be patient to read.

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  1. Your links should be embedded in text, not spelled-out URLs. Links should also open in new tabs, not take us away from your blog post. Good use of subheadings in your post, though as we discussed in class last Monday, using heading tags (not bold text) will make your post more SEO-friendly. Also good suggestions for adding subheadings in the Junkee article.
    Agree that the choice of video isn’t audience-friendly – there have been a large number of social posts – video and photos – and presumably a wide choice of possible content for Junkee to have chosen from.
    Also agree that the structure of the story is awry and doesn’t fit with the headline.
    Your photos/screenshots should have captions and credit the source of the image, ideally using a hyperlink.
    Remember to consider SEO in your blog posts – your headline is not SEO friendly, though you have used relevant keyword tags. What do you think of the SEO of the Junkee story?
    Finally, there are better news stories to choose for analysis. This one is half story, half curation of social media posts (mainly tweets).

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