Blog post: The limitations of a news article in China Daily

I am going to choose this news story about Chinese President Xi

This news story is about Xi delivering an important speech at the 14th National People’s Congress calling for China to promote high-quality growth. However, based on what we have learnt in class and the reading, I found some shortcomings in this news story.

Firstly, it does not contain enough keywords in the headline, nor does it use a colon.

Secondly, there was no video of Xi’s speech. Embedding his video allows readers to hear his speech directly, which is a way of using a combination of audio and visual methods to increase reader interest. Here is an example.

Furthermore, it does not use hyperlinks to related articles, not allowing readers to read more relevant information.

Moreover, the lack of subheadings reduces readability. For example, A subheading can be added between the content on agricultural development and the content on improving people’s living standards to give the reader a clear picture of the framework of the news.

Last but not least, the lack of bold or italicised keywords in the text may make it difficult for the reader to see the main point of the news story.

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