Trump tests negative for Coronavirus

Credit: BBC News : Coverage on BBC


The article has good SEO, it can be found easily searching Trump coronavirus.

The article follows the inverted pyramid structure, the headline is concise, the starting paragraph is delivered in small blocks and can be read easily.


The image had citations underneath explaining who was in the photo and why this was relevant to the story. The article has sub headings, they have bigger font size and are bold when viewed on a computer, but this isn’t apparent on the phone where the words only appear a bit larger.


Hyperlinked articles can be seen throughout the article in bold. It would be nice if the hyperlink opened in a new tab instead of replacing the current page.

The embedded videos have the play botton on the bottom left corner, making it harder for phone users to misclick the videos when scrolling through the article, though it can still happen.

It is embedded with icons of social platforms so that users can share it.

Though the desktop version of the article contains tags for easier browsing, like the coronavirus at the top, Donald Trump and United States on the bottom, the tags don’t appear when viewed on the phone, which is inconsistent.

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  1. The link you provide to the story (and any other links you use in blog posts) should be embedded in text or a phrase that both indicates to the reader where they are going, and uses key words for SEO purposes. The link should also open in a new tab. I had to copy and paste the story link, which is not user-friendly (an observation you make in your own analysis!)
    Your consideration of how the story reads on both mobile and desktop is very good.
    You have used subheadings and shorter paragraphs to structure your post, which makes it scannable and easier to read. The photo is too small for the page – if it’s a featured image it should display larger. You have credited the copyright holder but you must also provide a caption (who is in the photo?)
    Note that every Google search is personalised – so what appears first in a search by you won’t necessarily be the item ranked first in a search by me, using the same terms (e.g. Trump coronavirus).
    You make a good observation about the tags used by the BBC and their absence on mobile. You should assign relevant key word tags to your own blog posts.
    You have used some of the appropriate naming conventions for online journalism. In part 2 of the assignment make sure you use those terms, and refer also to Bradshaw and the other readings in your analysis.

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