Coronavirus cases spike in Australia

‘Coronavirus cases spike in Australia – here’s how to self-isolate’ Analysis

This article is very informative, and text is well-spaced.  The title is SEO friendly and straight to the point. There are also tagged categories at the bottom which will increase its SEO.

The header image of celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow is irrelevant to the content of the story. The image does not feature an embedded link to Instagram where it was originally posted so context is only found in the image caption. Since the headline relies on proximity, a better choice of image would have been a recognisable Australian celebrity.

The toolbar down the right side is visually overwhelming and the article titles occasionally conflict one another.

Multimedia is also used; a GIF is placed in the story which features two individuals dancing while in isolation. The GIF is intended as comedic relief from the otherwise serious nature of the story. It would have added more value if the GIF linked back to where individuals are posting as the purpose of this story is to inform individuals on how to look after themselves while in isolation.

The article encourages interaction by allowing readers send in their Coronavirus questions but a comment section would have allowed for user-based interactions.

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  1. This is not a news story, it’s an explainer. It’s important that you understand the difference between news, opinion/commentary, and pieces like this one, which explain an issue.
    Your analysis should consider the features and functions of the story using the appropriate naming conventions from Bradshaw and other readings (interactivity, hypertextuality, multimediality).
    Regarding users’ comments, the ABC site doesn’t invite comments on stories, but encourages interaction in other ways (via Facebook, for example). The author’s byline is also a link that offers users the ability to contact the journalist via a contact form, and also via her socials.
    When you write for online, use the conventions of good online journalism that makes content scannable and easy to read: subheadings and images to break up or “chunk” your content. You could also provide hyperlinks and social media embeds of the evidence you’re suggesting could improve the story.
    You have used short paragraphs, and your link is embedded and opens in a new tab. You’ve also identified appropriate keywords in your post title and in your tags to enhance the SEO of the post. You don’t need to use “assignment 1” as a tag because you’ve assigned the post to that category.

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